about us


Who is Living Simply Soap?

Living Simply Soap is a small business owned by the Brown family and located at 112 E. Main St. Tipp CityOhio. The Brown's have always had an affection for the old fashioned, make it yourself lifestyle.  So when Tanya Brown mentioned she would like to make homemade soap they weren't surprised. On a snowy day in 2004 she gathered up her shortening, olive oil and lye to take on the challenge. She was instantly hooked. Using her family and friends as guinea pigs she spent the next several years learning the craft and experimented with formulas, fragrances and packaging. Her goal was to create a formula that would be conditioning, long lasting, deliver tons of rich creamy lather, smell incredible, be affordable enough for everyday use and packaged beautifully enough for gift giving. In 2007, with her family's help, she was ready to introduce her product to the public. She set up a little stand at the local farmer's market in Tipp CityOH. The soaps were a huge hit and business has taken off from there. In 2011 the Brown's purchased a historical building in old downtown Tipp City and opened their first soap shop. “It’s important to me to create something special for our customers. I want our soaps to be conditioning, beautiful, smell incredible, and feel creamy and textured. The fact that our soap is handmade, with attention to every detail, adds a quality you cannot find in commercial products. In our fast paced lifestyle we can lose touch with the simple things. For me, making soap is a way to stay in touch with a simpler time and a simpler way of living. I love making soap and hope anyone that uses them feels that joy in each bar.” ~ Tanya



What’s the difference between commercially manufactured and handmade soap?

Have you ever picked up a bar of soap at the grocery store and actually read the ingredients....you would be amazed! Commerical soaps...even the ones that you think are conditioning are made with unfamiliar chemicals, additives and detergents. The real puzzle is that they add these chemicals, yet remove one of the most vital conditioning elements created during the soap making process... glycerin. They remove this crucial softening ingredient and sell it to cosmetic companies for use in other products. Living Simply Soaps are made by using the cold press method resulting in a bar rich in conditioning glycerin. We use olive oil along with other vegetable based oils and butters with no strange chemical additives. Fresh, Fragrant, Creamy handmade soap....it's so simple!



Why should I choose Living Simply Soap for my handmade soap?

The Brown's have researched and studied the qualities each oil adds to their soaps. With that information, they created a unique formula delivering the finest qualities you will find in a handmade olive oil based soap... a super rich lather, creamy texture, conditioning, long lasting and beautifully fragrant!  The use of finely ground oatmeal also adds a wonderful exfoliating and softening property to each bar. Once you have tried our handmade products, you will feel the difference!  Keeping it fresh, fragrant and handmade!  Because what you use on your skin matters!