Little White Lye

Little White Lye

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The original Little White Lye.  This is a smaller version of our plain old fashioned 100% lye soap!  Many are rediscovering it's incredible cleaning value for the most stubborn laundry stains!  Your whites have never been so white!  It's also great for helping prevent poison ivy, dandruff, troubled skin, and is excellent for cleaning water based paint and wax natural bristle brushes.  You have never used a more creamy lathering soap...ever!!!

To use wet the garment and the soap end, rub the soap onto the stain and work in it a bit. Let it sit...tougher stain may need it sit longer..then wash a usual.  You can also place the bar in the bottom of a bucket and fill with hot/warm water.  Allow the soap to melt a little to make the water rich with suds.  Place your garment in the soapy water and soak.  Always test your garment with the soap in an inconspicuous area to make sure no fading occurs.  Also make sure your fabric is machine and soap compatible.  

Contains: Lard, Coconut Oil Titanium Dixoide


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